Through the years, the strategies have changed a bit...

... and the technology has changed a lot...


...but our commitment today is the same as it was when we were founded – an expectation we all share.

In the New Reality, forward-thinking business leaders are now taking steps to position their companies for success in the Digital Economy – for where there is great challenge, there is also great opportunity!

We believe that technology and user experience will coalesce. Traditionally treated as separate entities, user experience (UX) will in essence represent a desired outcome – regardless of its purpose, business or consumer. 

We believe that the decade-old trend of offshoring will slow and in many cases, reverse itself with CEOs looking to achieve “the next 30 percent” of cost savings by moving infrastructure to the cloud.

We believe companies that have integrated mobile and social media into their business strategies will thrive, while those that have not will fight to survive.

We believe that the demand for skilled talent will continue to increase as technology becomes ubiquitous to our way of life.

CIOs and the IT department will no longer be silos with an “internal only” focus; they will now be responsible for driving growth and productivity – not just enabling it.

Since 1971, our obsessive, disciplined attention to every facet of what our clients require has not changed. It goes beyond simple competition – it is part of our heritage – an expectation.