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Great talent is here at your command.

Through Talent-as-a-Service (TaaS™), we provide IT solutions and services to you through the use of talented consultants.  Our TaaS service enables you to form an optimum combination of your own resources and our consultants, which together provide a vital link in the value chain serving your customers and achieving your business objectives. 

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Invested in you

With Triple-I, you get a team that cares about your success. You get experienced IT consultants with the skills and capabilities matching your specifications; consultants who are dependable and productive and who fit your team and your culture. 


Major Benefits

The genuine benefits we provide you go far deeper than surface promises.

  • Access to consultants with hard-to-find IT skills and experiences.
  • Effectively manage fluctuating needs and aggressive timelines.
  • Augment your existing staff during peak loads
  • Evaluate candidates for employment
  • Manage budget constraints
  • Manage headcount limits and salary level restrictions
  • Improve productivity
  • Replace attrition
  • Avoid recruiting difficulties and costs
  • Free internal staff for development work
  • Customize solutions to meet your needs
  • Acquire essential knowledge
  • Access 45 years of experience in IT consulting and staffing

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A lot goes into success, and all those parts are coming together to support one thing. You.


How We Deliver

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Whether completing a project on time and budget, or joining a winning to team to make a real difference, you've got goals and we're ready to listen.