No Matter How, When or Where - Be There | Mobility

Apr 04, 2016
Courtney Lichtenberger, Marketing Communications Specialist


Be there for customers when they choose to reach you.

With over 250 million U.S. citizens owning three or more mobile devices, it is safe to say that we live in a mobile world.

People use their mobile devices for EVERYTHING. To look up scores of a game, find directions, contact friends, find the right ingredients, email grandma, play candy crush, creep on social media, diagnose yourself with a rare form of fungal cancer - the list is endless!

I once read somewhere that we are “in love” with our mobile devices…. We always have them with us, we care about them, we rely on them, we depend on them, and some people even sleep with them! We have serious attachments to our phones. They help us get through our everyday.

Our mobile devices have enabled us to search, find, and consume information quicker than ever. It is our own most powerful resource, and it’s just in the palm of our hands! When you have a thought, a problem, or an idea, what resource are you most likely to turn to? The one closest to you; your mobile device. It’s as simple as that.

With it being such a habit now to turn to your mobile devices to find information, it is vital to have a mobile responsive website so that you can be there for potential customers when they try to find you.

Customers now have the power to decide how, when and where they connect with companies, communicate with others and access information. In 2015 Google stated that mobile search activity surpassed desktop search activity. Do you want to be passed up just because your website isn’t accessible on a mobile device?

Check out our Mobile Development video to learn more about how we can take you mobile! 

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